Frequently Asked Questions

We really appreciate all the lovely donations and help we receive each year! There are often questions that people have when they want to help, so we have put some helpful ones here that should hopefully give you all the answers you need. 

When can we start donating?

We are officially receiving donations now!!! To see how you can donate please follow the link:

Donate Here!

Can we send money for gifts?

Yes of course you can, we receive generous donations each year, we purchase gifts with the donations, sort them and distribute them where they are needed most. Absolutely any amount helps. You can donate money to our Go Fund Me page on the link below.

Donate Money

Where can we send gift donations?

You can either drop them off or have them delivered to any of our drop points across the North East. Another option is to use our Norah's North Pole Amazon List. Your selected donations will be delivered straight to our Norah's North Pole Head Quarters where they will be sorted and packed into Santa sacks. You can view all of our drop off locations on our contact page below:

Drop off Locations

What happens to the gifts?

All the gifts are sorted and packed into Santa sacks ready to be delivered to children and families around the North East that otherwise would not have any presents at Christmas.

Do you accept second hand items?

Unfortunately, Norah's North Pole only accepts brand new items to pack into the children's Santa sacks. We feel like every child deserves their own special gifts at Christmas.

Who are you? Is this a charity?

Norah’s North Pole was set up in memory of our Grandma (Norah) who lived by the motto ‘It’s nice to be nice’. Each Christmas Norah would take her grandchildren to make Christmas boxes for children who would go without. Norah’s daughter, a social worker, would deliver these on Christmas Eve. After successfully delivering 13,876 Santa sacks over the past 6 years Norah’s North Pole are committed to sprinkling a little Christmas kindness again this year. The Norah’s North Pole elves work with schools and social teams to get Santa sacks to the most vulnerable children in the North East. We are not a charity just a family who wants to make a difference and sprinkle a little Christmas kindness.

Can I volunteer this year to pack bags?

We really appreciate people volunteering to help pack the Santa sacks however we already have our team of elves briefed and ready to go this year. We really do appreciate your support and generosity.

What age group is best to buy for?

Norah’s North Pole list has children of all ages from babies to young adults. Each year we find that we lack in gifts for babies and teenagers. However, we are grateful for all donations. We will keep our followers up to date with this as we receive gift donations as every year is different.

Are you accepting clothes donations?

Absolutely! We do accept donations of clothes and greatly appreciate warm items such as pyjamas, dressing gowns, hats, gloves, scarves etc. Some of the children and families we support lack adequate heating facilities and therefore we try to include a warm item in each Santa sack. We just ask that all items are brand new.

Do the items on the Amazon list get delivered to you?

Yes, the Norah's North Pole Amazon list hopefully makes donating so much easier. Items bought on the list will be sent straight to the Norah's North Pole Head Quarters where they will be happily accepted by the Norah's North Pole elves ready to sort and be packed.

Can I receive gifts for my family this Christmas?

Norah's North Pole work with schools and social teams around the North East to support children and families in need. In order to receive a Norah's North Pole Santa sack you would need to contact the Head Teacher at your child/ children's school who will put a request through our official register. Head Teachers or Social Teams can register by using the link below.

Send an email to register

Still Have Questions?

If there is anything you can't find here and would like to get in touch then feel free to contact us. We have a handy contact form, and all our details on our contact us page.

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